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Does Long Term Ambien Use Cause Any Major Side Effects?

ambien addictionYes, the long term use of Ambien can cause major side effects that should be watched out for. This medication, which is not a benzodiazepine but works similarly, is highly potent and induces sleep in insomnia patients in the shortest time possible. The drug can be easily purchased from Ambien online  from pharmacies which sell the drug at low cost to people who are really in need of this medication.The drug is indicated only for short term use and it is not recommended to exceed the prescribed course duration as it can lead to harmful effects on one’s health. Insomnia should be treated by identifying the cause and taking suitable remedy as Ambien can only help with the symptom and not the condition itself. The possible major side effects from the long term use of the sleep medication are:

  • Muscle pain
  • Lack of muscle control
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Addiction
  • Persistent headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

When does long-term use of Ambien become problematic?

It should ideally be taken for just weeks till the sleep-wake cycle is restored and the insomnia problem is remedied. The long term use becomes problematic when the person gets adjusted to the medication in the form of tolerance. This is characterized by requiring higher dosage strengths in order to feel the effects. Taking Ambien in higher dosages leads to issues like drug dependence and addiction. It is recommended to follow the dosage instructions of the doctor to avoid experiencing such problems, which can be difficult to overcome.

The long-term use affects the person both physically and psychologically. Ambien addiction is a great risk and it occurs easily when the drug is taken in higher dosages or in any form other than as prescribed. People who take the drug recreationally for the high are far more likely to experience the major side effects of Ambien.

How to overcome the side effects of long term Ambien use?

The long-term use of Ambien should be discontinued by using the guidance of the healthcare provider. This is because abruptly stopping the use of the drug can result in major withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these withdrawal effects will depend on how long the drug has been in use. Also, it is possible to experience rebound insomnia. The doctor can help by tapering the dose and then switching the drug itself. It is recommended to avoid trying to stop the medication on your own, particularly if you have been using it for a long time. Ambien addiction should also be treated the same way with the help of the doctor. Recovering from the addiction can be a long process and also affect you in many ways. To avoid all these complications, take the pills for the short duration as required for managing insomnia.

How Taking Ambien Will Help You Get Restorative Sleep?

Ambien is a very safe drug to get normal sleep when you have insomnia. When you consume this medication, the time which you will spend in your bed will be as normal as the person who is very much normal and you will be having a regular and normal sleep during the night like regular people. Hence, buying Ambien and taking it during the night time will give you restorative sleep and the patient will not feel tired or sleepy throughout the whole day.

It will not give patients any harm on their sleep, so, patients can take Ambien without any hesitations and when the patient awakes from the sleep, he would not even feel that the sleep was a drug.

Some sleeping tablets do not treat insomnia, they actually add some extra hours to your sleep, but the mechanism of the drug Ambien is very much different than the other drugs. The drug actually does not add hours to the patient`s sleep, but it actually just treats the insomnia, so that the patient get a fine and normal sleep.

ambien for restorative sleep

Mechanism by which Ambien induces restorative sleep

The mechanism of this drug is mainly responsible for causing restorative sleep in people. The drug Ambien is called as Zolpidem because it is the active moiety of zolpidem tartrate and it is basically a hypnotic agent. In the human body, it actually interacts with the GABA-BZ receptors complex present and it shares some of its pharmaceutical properties to benzodiazepines. If we look clearly to the benzodiazepines, it actually binds non-selectively and then activates all the BZ receptors subtypes present in the body. Ambien medication actually prefers to binds itself to the BZ1 receptor and the affinity ratio is very much high of the α1/α5 subunits. The selective bindings of the drug present on the BZ1 receptor may explain the relative absence of the myorelaxant and this also plays a vital role in the preservation of deep sleep.

Zolpidem actually affects the chemicals present in the brain of the humans that may be unbalanced in some patients with problems related to the lack of sleep, such as insomnia. Ambien is very much effective in treating the lack of sleep disorder, which is very much common in people in today’s world. The tablet is taken when a person is not able to get a good sleep, and this drug can help the patient to get a normal sleep when he or she first goes to the bed.

Taking extended release form of Ambien for restorative sleep

The extended release form of the tablet, which is Ambien CR, has two layers in which the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep, and a second layer, will dissolve slowly to help you stay asleep. The sleep will be as normal as the other people and it will not have any restorative effect on your sleep and you will get awake as fresh as a normal person.

Some Advices To Follow Before Taking Ambien

Ambien AdvicesBeing a sedative-hypnotic drug, Ambien has quite a lot of side effects including sleepwalking, hallucinations, talking on the phone while sleeping, disturbed and uncharacteristic behavior and sleep-driving. Ambien comes with an informative label mentioning dosage, benefits and risks attached with its consumption. This label is to be read and followed carefully by the consumers.

Follow this Ambien dosage guidelines

Ambien is a prescription drug which is strictly regulated due its addictive property and a history of abuse. Take the prescribed dose of Ambien just before going to bed, that too after you have experienced quite a few sleepless nights.

Ambien is available in tablet form and is not supposed to be crushed, broken or chewed, but to be directly swallowed on an empty stomach. Look for other alternative ways to falling asleep before taking Ambien or any other sedative.

Women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy should consult their healthcare provider before taking Ambien. Although the effect of Ambien during pregnancy and on the fetus is not clearly known, there is always a high chance of Ambien reaching the fetus while consuming the drug.

Precautions to know before taking Ambien

The very first advice is that if you are below 18 years of age you should not take Ambien, as your body may not be prepared to deal with its effects. The best advice would be to talk with an online medical practitioner before taking ambien as they will guide you in deciding whether the medication is right for you or not. Online doctors are available 24/7 at to provide guidance to people who find it difficult to decide whether ambien is the right drug for their sleep problems.

Also, individuals who had depression, suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol addiction, renal or hepatic disorders and breathing problems should not take Ambien or should inform the physician about the medical conditions well in time.

Know the side effects that come with Ambien

Ambien consumers have reported strange side effects that include, certain post-drug activities such as driving, sexual intercourse, walking and talking about which they do not remember once they are awake the next morning.

The condition is even worse if coupled with hallucinations. Apart from this, behavioral abnormalities, confusion, agitation, memory loss, anxiety and severe allergic effects may also follow.

Ambien is highly addictive and habit forming, so it is recommended for a short period time (usually 4-5 weeks) only, withdrawal from the drug might cause serious complications, if left unattended.

Drugs that can interact with the medication

Drug interactions with other drugs and food supplements are another issue. Ambien can interact with other drugs’ ingredients as well as vitamins and herbal supplements and can cause unpredictable effects. Therefore, do not take any other medication along with Ambien without consulting your physician.

Important Note:

Ambien is a drug that is no doubt effective in giving a good sleep to the restless body and brain, but may be at the cost of certain ill effects. Although the effects are highly personalized, smartest advice would be to consult the physician and inform him about all the physiological condition and medical history as well as drug or any other supplements intake, so that, most appropriate dosage can be recommended to you by your physician and even mildest ill effects can be monitored at an early stage.

Is It Possible For You To Get High On Ambien?

Yes, Ambien can potentially get you high when it is used in any manner other than as intended. Even doubling the dosage can result in experiencing euphoric effects. The possibility of getting the Ambien high is present even though the drug is not a narcotic, opioid, or benzodiazepine. The non-benzodiazepine sleep medication is considered to be relatively safe to use for its sedative effects.

However, using the drug means that there are high chances for the user to abuse it simply for the high. It is possible to get high on the sleep aid even if you take it right, which is experienced as a side effect by a minority of Ambien users. Those who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse are at far greater risk of abusing the drug just to feel the high.

Euphoric effects of Ambien

Ambien effectAmbien pill contains the active ingredient Zolpidem, which acts as a sedative hypnotic. The drug is usually taken at least fifteen minutes before going to bed as it starts to take effect quickly. Avoiding sleep and staying up for more time after the drug has started taking effect produces the feelings of euphoria. The drug should ideally be taken only when you have at least seven to eight hours dedicated sleep time.

Not following the dosing schedule is likely to cause not just the euphoric high, but also other side effects like hallucinations. Some persons tend to indulge in doing things in a state of high, including binge eating and engaging in sex. Those who are prone to abusing Ambien in this way, also combine the drug with other substances like alcohol to enhance the high.

What are the risks of getting high on Ambien?

Ambien highUsing Ambien medication to get high is not a recommended practice as there are many risks associated with doing this. In fact, there can be more than a few adverse effects. Recreational use of Ambien pill to get high can severely affect the memory, especially when it is taken in high doses and without any adequate sleep.

Doing things in one’s sleep like cooking, cleaning, driving, and other such activities can also happen, though the individual is least likely to remember doing so. Addiction, tolerance, and severe withdrawal symptoms can further affect the individual. These symptoms are serious and should be taken care of.

Recognizing and finding help for Ambien addiction

Ambien addictionAmbien abuse and addiction should be stopped at the earliest before it worsens. Learning to recognize the signs will help in getting timely intervention before this dangerous practice gets out of hand. If you are addicted to Ambien, it will be easy to identify so with the cravings, drug-seeking behavior, and generally being unable to function without the drug.

Trying to quit the sleep med without the right tapered dosing schedule will cause severe withdrawal side effects as well. Talk with your doctor if you suspect that you may be dependent on the drug. Use Ambien for insomnia only as directed and avoid any behavior to get high on the medication.

Ambien For Treating Sleep Disorders like Insomnia And Narcolepsy

How Ambien for used when treating Insomnia?

Ambien for InsomniaThe inability to experience a full night sleep or difficulty to fall asleep or stay asleep is referred to as Insomnia. Perhaps, it can also be said as a condition that causes a disturbance in sleep and in fact many experience daytime symptoms too. Occasionally affected by improper sleep is tolerable. But then battling with the same condition for many consecutive nights is completely intolerable in nature.

Insomnia can affect people of all age groups. 30% to 50% of the general population is affected by this medical condition, whereas 10% of the people are affected of chronic insomnia. There are certain medical conditions like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and insomnia which are caused as a result of chemical imbalance in the brain. The most preferred Insomnia medication by doctors is Ambien sleeping pill, which is usually recommended to be purchased from and take it just before going to sleep, which works by enhancing the levels of GABA, the natural brain chemical which exhibits different chemical properties from that of other neurotransmitters present in the brain.

A study conducted by an international journal highlights the fact that approximately about 9% to 15% of the Americans experience intense difficulty in performing their daytime activities as a result of insomnia. People affected by psychiatric disorders are most vulnerable to be affected by Insomnia condition as the brain chemicals in such persons are always in an unbalanced state thus aggravating the symptoms. People who are down with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD medical condition are the receiving end of this medical condition.

How Ambien helps with Narcolepsy treatment?

Ambien for NarcolepsyNarcolepsy is a kind of hypersomnia which is caused as result of the brain’s inability to regulate the sleep-wake cycles without any external influence. Persons who are affected by this condition experience abundant daytime sleepiness thereby impact the work life of an individual. The worst part with this medical condition is that people experience rapid eye movement sleep right immediately after falling asleep.

Depending upon the health condition of the individual, the response level of the medication varies to a far greater extent. Narcolepsy also produces symptoms like cataplexy which is characterized by imminent episodes of muscle weakness that influence certain emotions like crying and laughing. Perhaps, these episodes might last for seconds or minutes. In fact, this symptom is experienced by the vast majority of the individuals affected by narcolepsy condition.

People opting to procure Narcolepsy medication for the first time can buy Ambien online and find out the efficacy of the medication by consuming low doses at the very initial stage. Ensure that you order Ambien online only after thoroughly examining the medical condition and the tolerability level. Individuals when affected by cataplexy condition continue to be in a conscious state, while in some cases these series of episodes are identical to that of epileptic seizures.

It is not all times an individual will be experiencing eight hours of sleep, sometimes due to work commitments and other schedules, the sleep pattern gets altered. At such instances, restrain from consuming the medication as it will impair your memory process resulting in poor concentration levels.

Ways for identifying the genuineness of Ambien

The confusion arises in the minds of every individual with regards to the purchase of the real Ambien. Many aren’t sure about the quality of the medication sold online. Nevertheless to say, many fall for the marketing gimmicks adopted by these online pharmacies and as a result, they end up in procuring fake medications. Is it that hard to identify the genuineness of the medication? No, not all. But every buyer should be aware of the imprints that should be present in the medication and through which they can cross check it in the pill images that are there at the online pharmacy website.