Panic attacks are a sudden uncountable feeling of anxiety that surges all on a sudden increasing heartbeat overwhelmingly inducing heavy breathing, sweating, and fear. The worst thing is this can happen during the night in between sleep, as a reason the sleep is broken. It is not considered as a sleep disorder because the underlying reason is very common conscious emotions like stress and anxiety.

Xanax is the better option to treat this disorder, due to its effective mode of action and successful track record. Nocturnal or night time panic attacks happen all on sudden without any warnings, such that the patient feels a state of surreal effect. Xanax can calm the mind while sleeping because anxiety and sleep happen at two different regions of the brain.

While sleeping occurs in the hypothalamus leaving the body to rest, putting you in a dream where at the time in the other part of the brain to be precise in the amygdala the recipe for anxiety is getting cooked. When the over cooking happens a sudden surge of chemical signaling passes through the brain that disrupts the ongoing activity at the hypothalamus.

This is how nocturnal panic attack happens. When Xanax is administered it makes sure that there is no overcooking happening at amygdala whereas blocking the gate from hippocampus where the bad memories are stores, which serves recipe for cooking. The overall effect would be a good night sleep.

What is the biochemical effect of Xanax in controlling the panic attack?

Xanax belongs to the benzodiazepine family where all the members have a benzene ring in common. Other than that all of the members acts the same way by binding to GABA receptor and suppressing certain chemical reactions. In the case of Xanax, the active compound alprazolam binds with the GABA receptor and diverts the actual working, if not the brain was supposed to induce anxiety on the patient.

As a result, the brain doesn’t channel the anxiety signaling and hence there is no scope for a panic attack to occur. This basic working would be enough for day time as well night time panic attacks. But like all other chemical drug alprazolam also come with certain side effects like skin rashes, rare insomnia, disturbed memory, amnesia etc.

What is the Xanax dosage required to treat night time panic disorder?

Though the dosage varies upon the person’s physical condition, for a mild panic attack, most physicians suggests buying Xanax at the lowest dose of 0.25mg and consuming it two or three times a day. If the frequency and intensity of the panic attack are high then doctors might prefer 1mg. 2mg or 3mg pill to treat the condition. Since the drug has a potential risk of addiction, the dosage is progressively decreased upon on reaching the end of course.

Tips for online buyers when buying Xanax

One of the safest and convenient ways to purchase Xanax is through online portals. Online shopping of Xanax can save you a decent amount of money in the name of offers and discounts. Online drugstores sell Xanax and other anti-anxiety pills in the cheapest rates online. But make sure you have a valid prescription before you make clicks to buy Xanax. Never shop with on email canvassing or pop-up ads, as they can be invalid or they might try to provide you with fake drugs. You are always advised only to go with trusted websites while purchasing Xanax online.