Drug safety has been a great concern for people using it. Fortunately, a medical practitioner has got a humongous range of alternatives to treat a disease. Here, both Valium and Xanax are chemical drugs used to treat the anxiety driven disorders like a panic attack, insomnia, SAD, GAD or even it is used to treat seizures. Likewise, there are many medicines for treating sleep disorders like Ambien. People can also buy Ambien online to get treated from their sleeping problems.

There are a lot of similarities for both the drug, but sometimes the upper hand always goes to Xanax due to several reasons. On a global scale, Xanax has more users compared to Valium and a short survey revealed that Xanax has a score of 75% trust compared to Valium’s 68%.

Though both drugs have the tolerance issues, the comparison would point to Xanax due to less intense side effects compared to Valium upon the same amount of dosage. Anti-anxiety pills like Valium and Xanax can be bought at 50% from exlpharmacy. Exlpharmacy is an online drugstore licensed to sell prescription drugs in Canada and US.

Valium possesses a strong withdrawal syndrome upon discontinuing the drug after a period of 2+ weeks. This implies that the drug form has a poor tolerance capacity and high dependence index. A normal therapeutic user might feel some withdrawal symptoms like sleepiness, headache, weight loss etc. On the other hand, the more popular Xanax, though from the same family, does not create much trouble when compared to Valium.

Both are benzodiazepine drugs and works a similar way, but Xanax’s active compound, alprazolam binds differently to GABA receptor. Also, another reason might be the low potential of dependence offered by Xanax upon comparison with Valium. It must be noted that benzodiazepine tablets have high addiction as well as dependence potential when compared to other narcotic pills of Schedule IV. But on a safer side, while comparing two of benzo drugs, Xanax has the advantage.

Why should you choose Xanax over Valium, when you swap drug?

Comparing the tolerance, one can see that long term Xanax users might have had not changed or increased their dosage from the prescribed. Whereas the Valium users tend to revise their dosage once in a while due to the tolerance issue the drug possessed. Though both have almost same potential, when it comes to dosage, there is the huge difference which would be in favor of Xanax.

In the medical context to treat mild anxiety, a doctor would prescribe 2 to 4 mg of Valium 3-4 times a day, whereas same anxiety can be treated with 0.25 to 0.5 mg alprazolam (Xanax). Thus, the chemical drug adds less stress to the body. If you decide to switch from Valium to Xanax, purchasing the medication from a legal online pharmacy is advisable and taking Xanax as prescribed by your health care professional is highly encouraged to reduce any side effects of the Xanax pills.

What are the other advantages that Xanax has over Valium?

Upon discontinuing Valium all on a sudden it might cause sleep-related effects like insomnia or sleepiness, change in circadian rhythm, broken sleep pattern, muscle pain during sleep etc in people who use it.

At the same time, people who take Xanax haven’t reported any such sleep-related effects upon withdrawal of the drug. Xanax is much safer for the liver when compared to Valium, where later has known to cause liver damage upon on long term use. When comparing the price along dosage equivalence, both are almost same, meaning 0.25mg Xanax would equal 2.5mg

When comparing the price along dosage equivalence, both are almost same, meaning 0.25mg Xanax would equal 2.5mg Valium and on cost comparison, both would cost around 6$-10$/10 pills or more depending on location. Hence, it is a fact that both Xanax and Valium is helping people to treat anxiety problems, but Xanax edges over the Valium in some areas.