takes steps to ensure that the privacy of every user is protected. We have safeguards in place to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information that is collected. We may collect some personal information like name, contact address, number, email address, and certain medical records when using the services offered by us. All personal information is secure with only authorized personnel having access. We do not share the information with any third parties or affiliates unless needed to fulfil a service or required by law to do so. Unidentifiable non-personal information may be collected in the form of cookies or web beacons to study user behaviour on our website.

Why Collect Your Data?

Every user has the freedom to access without divulging any of his/her personal information. If they take the privilege to share or disclose their personal information, the particular user agrees to reveal their personally identifiable information on the company’s server. have listed the main reasons for collecting your personal and non-personal information below


  • Providing all the information at its best according to the particular individual’s interest.
  • To make sure we remember every user’s behaviour and their preference.
  • To calculate and compute the overall performance of our service. never disclose our user’s personal information to any third party companies for marketing purposes.

How Collect Your Data?

Here at, We use cookies to track your behaviour on our website and collect data about how you use our service or site. Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically. In case if you find it odd that we collect your behavioural information, You have all the freedom to block or disable cookies using the browser settings in future.

Is the privacy policy subjected to change?

Upon implementing a new feature or updating a piece of new information or service, We make new changes to our privacy policy. Any personal or non-personal information that is gathered on this site is totally dependable on the stated guidelines that are on the force at that time. All the users who use this site will be intimated if any prior changes or updates are made in the privacy policy. However, At we advise our users to thoroughly go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Last updated date as 14/12/2020

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