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Accuracy of information

All the information contained in this site has undergone all the essential efforts to make sure the information and the updated data are accurate to date. Absolute care and measures have been taken to ensure that the information regarding the product price and the other information about the products are accurate by subjecting the information to peer reviews. Every available picture of the product is of its original composition.

Ownership of rights

Using any of the available content of this site, or copying the information or storing them for any purpose other than personal use is strictly not advisable and the particular individual involved in such kind of activities is liable for prosecution. If you like to use any of the available information from this website for non-commercial purposes can be done only upon prevailing permission from All the images and other informational content updated on this site is copyrighted under various intellectual property laws. However, Copyrights of few of the informational contents about the medications are owned by third-party companies. Any individual involved in acts such as modifying the site content, publishing, selling, creating, transferring, reposting or exploiting the sites updated content is considered as an offence and are eligible for facing legal problems.

Agreement Between and Users

The terms and conditions produced on this page refer to the agreement between users and Certain provisions of the law might become invalid over a certain period of time, and that kind of provisions will not have direct effects on the enforceability factors of other provisions in the agreement.

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